PKEE and EY Report: Polish Energy Transition Path

The Polish Electricity Committee (PKEE), whose supporting members are the largest Polish companies and industry organisations in the electricity sector, has prepared a report to present Poland's achievements in the energy transition. A secondary objective of the report is to provide an overview of the scale of challenges facing the power sector in Poland resulting from the implementation of EU and Polish climate and energy policies, and to indicate the impact of market destabilisation on [...]

Analysis - "Investments in distribution networks will drive the energy transformation"

Distribution networks are key in the digital and energy transition as they provide a continuous and reliable flow of electricity, integrate most renewable energy sources, and enable new customer services. However, adapting them for use in an increasingly decarbonised, decentralised and digital electricity system requires an urgent acceleration of investment in Europe's distribution networks. European distribution networks will [...]

Euractiv event report "After the cop: where next for climate action"

COP24 in Katowice revived the Paris Agreement. PKEE would like to congratulate the Polish Presidency of the UNFCCC process in its hosting role. The EU remains a major player in global climate policy. We still need all actors to be ready to participate in climate action. The Polish energy industry is already contributing to this change and is actively cooperating with European counterparts and leaders in shaping policy [...]

POWER SECTOR for air quality

Poland, a country with an exceptionally rich and diverse environment, is increasingly perceived as having very polluted, even unbreathable air, taking top places in the infamous "smog rankings". Hence, the question that needs to be asked is: what are the causes of the poor air quality in Poland? The first that comes to mind for the average Pole is the negative impact of industry and [...]

Photovoltaic panels on the waves

Energa Wytwarzanie has started a year-long pilot project to install photovoltaic panels on water - the first panels were mounted on a reservoir at the Łapin hydroelectric power plant. If the results of the pilot project prove satisfactory, the company's management will consider a wider application of such solutions in the future. Energa Wytwarzanie is researching the potential of a photovoltaic farm with PV panels placed on water. The company has started piloting this solution on a reservoir [...]


Polish Electricity Association launches information and education campaign "Energetics loves clean air". Its aim is to change social attitudes and to increase energy and ecological awareness of inhabitants of our country. The campaign was inaugurated in Warsaw on 20 February with the presentation of a report prepared by PKEE experts on the real causes of smog. To download:

Assessment of the impact of the capacity market in Poland on the electricity markets

  In Poland, concerns about the security of electricity supply have emerged in recent years, intensified by the introduction of power cuts in 2015. The ability of the market as currently constituted to provide adequate remuneration for capacity availability and investment incentives is increasingly questioned. At projected energy market prices, numerous power plants are not profitable, [...]