The Polish Electricity Association's position on Commission delegated regulation establishing the technical screening criteria for taxonomy

The Polish Electricity Committee supports the establishment of technical criteria for assessing economic activities, in line with the principles adopted in the Taxonomy Regulation, to enable a sustainable transition towards a low carbon economy. However, we are seriously concerned that some of these criteria may pose a huge challenge for the Polish power sector. Electricity generation - gaseous and liquid fuels We are definitely [...]

The Polish Electricity Association position on the Inception Impact Assessment of the revision of Directive 2003/87/EC establishing the EU Emissions Trading System

The Polish Electricity Association (PKEE), in its response to the European Commission's public consultation on the revision of the ETS Directive[1], paid particular attention to reflecting the different starting points of EU member states by proportionally increasing compensation measures and the planned extension of the EU ETS scheme to new sectors. Proportional increase of compensation mechanisms to the new reduction target Achieving by 2050 the [...]

PKEE's position on the review of Directive 2012/27 / EU of the European Parliament and of the Council on energy efficiency

The Polish Electricity Association (PKEE) believes that energy efficiency can play a significant role in achieving the objectives of the European Green Deal, but should not undermine the long-term prospects of the electrification of the EU economy. It is therefore necessary to provide adequate support to Member States and the revision of Directive 2012/27/EU should be carefully examined. Support for the implementation of existing legislation [...].

The PKEE position on the Inception Impact Assessment of the revision of Directive 2018/2001/EU on the promotion of the use of energy from renewable sources

Members of the Polish Electricity Association (PKEE) are active participants in the process of transformation and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. They also implement investments aimed at further development of renewable energy sources (RES). The PGE Capital Group wants to offer 100% of green energy in 2050 based on the development of offshore wind energy (2.5 GW of offshore capacity by 2030), installations [...]

Polish Electricity Association's comments on the roadmap to the EU Offshore Renewable Energy Strategy

The potential of offshore wind energy in Poland is estimated at more than 10 GW by 2040 and it can make a significant contribution to reaching the RES targets. Therefore, according to the Polish Electricity Committee (PKEE), the European Union should promote the widespread deployment of offshore wind farms to meet ambitious climate targets and further strengthen Europe's leadership position in this [...]

The Polish Electricity Association's view on the EU Strategy for Energy System Integration and the EU Hydrogen Strategy

The Polish Electricity Association (PKEE) welcomes the European Commission's strategies promoting a holistic approach to the European Union's plans for achieving climate neutrality by 2050 and the development of key technologies to achieve this goal. PKEE agrees with the Commission's position on establishing electricity as an essential tool to decarbonise the economy with possible support for other solutions, under [...]

Position of the Polish Electricity Association on the Smart Sector Integration Strategy

The Polish Electricity Association (PKEE) stresses that electrification should be the flywheel of the transition to accelerate decarbonisation in other sectors of the economy. According to the report "Decarbonisation Pathways" published by Eurelectric, in 2050 electricity will play a leading role in the transport sector, accounting for 63% of total final energy consumption, and up to half of industrial processes will be directly electrified. A key reason for these changes [...]

Position on the European Climate Law proposal - update

The members of the Polish Committee for Electricity (PKEE) are aware of the challenges posed by climate change and are committed to further sustainable transformation to ensure energy security. The Polish energy sector is already committed to meeting the EU's climate and energy targets through ambitious plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, although these changes will require significant investment in the medium and [...]

Position on the Inception Impact Assessment of the Industrial Emissions Directive revision

The Polish Committee for Electricity (PKEE), taking note of the Commission's proposed amendments to the Industrial Emissions Directive (IED)[1] setting emission limits for industrial activities, takes the view that the current framework has already imposed significant obligations on electricity companies, and that further increases in this burden would undermine their ability to ensure security of electricity supply and a sustainable transition [...]

Position on the Inception Impact Assessment of the Commission Delegated Regulation on climate change mitigation and adaptation taxonomy

Position on preliminary impact assessment of the delegated act on sustainable financing (taxonomy) The Polish Committee for Electricity (PKEE) supports the idea of introducing sustainable financing requirements (taxonomy) and technical criteria for verification of their fulfilment in order to ensure transparency, as well as to establish an assessment framework for private investors, public institutions and market participants. The main objective of the taxonomy must be to ensure that the [...]