Comment by the Polish Electricity Association on the Energy Policy Position of the Ministry of Energy

In the opinion of experts from the Polish Electricity Association, the introduction of Poland's energy policy by the government will be beneficial from the perspective of both consumers and energy suppliers. The solutions proposed by the Ministry of Energy will have a significant impact on maintaining the security of electricity supply to Polish households and industrial plants. It is worth reminding that the announced In 2015, the "Energy Policy of Poland until 2050" was finally not finalized.

Energy policy will set strategic goals and allow energy stakeholders to plan ahead. The investments in this sector are very long-term and require significant financial outlays.

An important element in the government's plans is the coherence of the development directions of the energy sector with other areas, both at the national and international level. In its position, the Ministry of Energy takes into account the EU objectives while simultaneously working on the "National Energy and Climate Plan". Thanks to this, the energy policy will form a single, coherent whole, setting the directions of development for the entire energy sector, taking into account the legal, environmental, technological and economic conditions and ensuring energy security.

We note that the Government's plans address the problem of greenhouse gas emissions in relation to international obligations. An important role in the proposals of the Ministry of Energy is played by the improvement of energy efficiency, which is to be ensured by a whole range of measures. The Government's proposals are also part of a series of activities related to the elimination of the so-called low emissions.

The energy policy, by setting long-term objectives for the sector, will to ensure energy security and stable prices for both producers and consumers of energy.  

The government also plans short-term measures that will result in increased energy security for companies, such as offsets, rebates or partial exemptions.

It should be noted that households are guaranteed stable electricity prices due to the fact that the market is regulated.

A coherent and well-considered energy policy will enable the sector to develop and ensure the stability of consumers' energy supply and guarantee, through optimal action, the achievement of the objectives set by the EU.