The presentation of the achievements of the Polish energy sector and the introduction of the industry's plans for the coming years are the main issues raised in the report " Polish Energy Transition Path". The analysis was prepared by EY and Polish Electricity Association (PKEE).

The PKEE, whose supporting members are the largest Polish companies and industry organisations of energy sector, has developed report in order to present Poland's achievements in terms of energy transition. Another objective of report is to familiarise the reader with the scale of challenges facing the Polish energy sector as a result of the implementation of both EU and Polish climate and energy policies, and to indicate the impact that the market destabilization will have on the energy transition.

We are now at a turning point for the European energy sector. Many experts say that we are facing the biggest energy crisis since the 1970s. It is the joint effort of entire energy sector, Member States and EU institutions that will determine the time and the terms on which the European Union will recover from this crisis. I am convinced that Poland can use the ongoing crisis to build a strong, independent, environmentally friendly and solidary energy sector." - said Wojciech Dąbrowski, President of the PKEE Management Board.

The scope of transformation of Polish energy sector is wider and more expensive than in an average EU country. The energy sector in Poland, due to historical and geopolitical conditions, was dominated by fossil fuels - hard coal and lignite. Nevertheless, the gradually and consistently increased share of energy produced from low-emission and non-emission sources means that the impact of energy production in Poland on the natural environment is systematically decreasing.

"The report 'Polish Energy Transition Path' prepared by the Polish electricity sector allows to understand how we came to such conclusions and where we are now in terms of the energy sector development and coming out of the energy crisis. The evolution of the Polish electricity sector that has been consistently carried out since 1989, when Poland regained economic sovereignty, is of great importance here." - Mr. Dąbrowski emphasised.

The report addresses as well the most current problems of the energy sector resulting from Russia's invasion of Ukraine and the energy crisis.

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