Market Network Codes. Towards the Establishment of pan-European Electricity Market

Preserving the energy supply security and increasing the competitiveness –in the opinion of the Polish Electricity Association these are the top priorities related to the implementation of the single electricity market throughout the European Union. The PKEE has presented its “Market Network Codes. Towards the Establishment of pan-European Electricity Market” report on 13 March2018 in Warsaw. Network Codes is a name used jointly for the eight Regulations of the European Commission that are key to the operation of the Union’s energy market. In the near future they will be to a large extentdecisive as to the form of the electricity market in Poland, as they constitutethe necessary stage of harmonisation of the EU’s power systems. “PKEE welcomes the changes taking place concerning the implementation of the single energy market.However, in the report we point outthat it is a process in which the Polish side has to look after its priorities.These are doubtlessly the energy security and social well-beingthat we have to take care of. Therefore,we wish our publication to be the beginning of a wide and serious debate on this topic–stressesMichałSmyk,one of the report’s authors.“We must keep in mind that the single EU energy market will mean alignmentof electricity prices between the markets within the EU as well as possibilities of sharp spikes in energy prices at times of imbalance between supply and demand”–he adds. This is why in their publication the PKEE’s experts have focused mainly on the Network Codes that concern the market area. Thesewill have the biggest influence on what interests the average Polemost–the electricity price. The Report responds to the question as to what will be the influence of the individual Network Codes on the electric power sector in Europe and in Poland, and what changes are they bringing upon for the market participants. “As the Polish power sector we still have a huge role to play in this matter. I am convinced that this is not only what the market is expecting of us, but, first and foremost –the consumers. On its part, the Polish Electricity Association has been and will be making all efforts to make the detailed solutions as favourable as possible to the Polish side and to our consumers”–assuresTomasz Kosiński,Director of the PKEE Office. At present, the Network Codes are at the implementation stage. In many cases this process will require further broad consultations and execution of joint projects, both on national and on the European arena. At the same time,it provides an opportunity for active participation by the Polish power sector in developing the detailed solutions,among others through participation in consultations on the methodologies being prepared by the transmission system operators.