About smog in Grudziadz

Polish Electricity Association is organizing a debate in Grudziądz on combating smog.

The debate entitled. "Grudziądz loves clean air" will be held on April 12. It is to show the involvement of the energy sector in the fight against smog. PKEE will present an anti-smog offer of the state's companies, tariffs to attract customers and alternative heating methods. There will also be time for discussion and questions.

One of the best methods of combating smog is system heat, that is, heat from combined heat and power plants and heating. It is necessary to develop the power and heating sectors with the air protection in mind. It is worth using anti-smog tariffs, heating houses and flats with environmentally friendly heat - informs PKEE. - Energy companies offer a wide range of various activities and instruments aimed at supporting the nationwide programme for the improvement of the natural environment.