Executive Director for Energy at PKN ORLEN SA

Jarosław Dybowski is an experienced manager with more than 25 years of management experience in companies with Polish and foreign capital. Graduate of the Gdansk University of Technology, majored in Power Engineering. Graduate of a Postgraduate Management Course at the Warsaw School of Economics and The Management Training Program for Eastern Europe at Lovanium International Management Center. Has been professionally involved in the power generation sector since 1985. An active participant in strategic development processes of Polish and European energy sector. Co-author of Poland's first Power System Integrated Development Plan. Was introducing new standards for electricity trading based on EFET contracts. Was negotiating long-term PPA which allowed for modernization and development of power plants in Poland, including contracts supporting Project Finance. Has extensive expertise in the field of energy markets (electricity, gas, coal, certificates) in Poland and Central and Southern European countries. Co-developed and implemented strategies in the field of energy generation, trading and sales in many domestic and foreign companies.

  1. representing the Association outside,
  2. directing all activities of PKEE and managing its property,
  3. defining detailed rules of conducting business activity by PKEE,
  4. initiating and coordinating PKEE cooperation with other national and foreign associations,
  5. initiating and coordinating the work of PKEE Study Committees, disseminating in the country the results of work and materials of conferences, symposia and other activities in areas related to statutory objectives of PKEE,
  6. drawing up draft estimates of revenue and expenditure,
  7. adoption of PKEE by-laws,
  8. admitting new members to PKEE, excluding PKEE members and notifying expiration of membership,
  9. convening, setting the agenda and organising PKEE General Meetings, implementing General Meetings' resolutions and the Audit Committee's motions,
  10. Motion to grant or deprive of the honorary membership of PKEE,
  11. setting up and supervising the work of the administrative units of the PKEE m. setting deadlines for the payment of dues and the amount of membership fees.
The Governing Board is the governing, initiating and coordinating body of the PKEE. The competences of the Governing Board include, in particular: Close description

Council Bureau

Council members

  1. to carry out an annual audit of the association's activities and to draw up conclusions on this basis and to present them to the General Assembly and the Governing Board,
  2. carrying out ad hoc inspections of individual areas of the association's activity, if necessary,
  3. giving an opinion on the draft estimates of revenue and expenditure,
  4. making a motion to the General Assembly to discharge the members of the Governing Board.
The Audit Committee is the internal control body of the association, whose tasks include: Close description