As many as 70% Poles see investment in energy efficiency solutions in their neighbourhood

More than half of the respondents (54%) believe that an increase in electricity prices is inevitable. 46% of those surveyed may pay more if the funds are invested in green energy. 41% are willing to pay extra for electricity if it is generated from renewable energy sources, according to an IBRiS survey commissioned by the Polish Electricity Association.

As many as 70% respondents claim that in their locality definitely (32%) and rather yes (38%) are invested in such solutions as photovoltaic panels on public buildings or energy efficient street lighting. These types of activities are most often noticed by inhabitants of large and medium cities, as well as people from the southern and north-western part of the country.

Concern for the environment and Poles' purchasing decisions

A vast majority of respondents (87%) are of the opinion that humans are primarily responsible for climate change, while a similarly large group (82%) attaches great importance to caring for the environment. Such opinions have a real impact on Poles' purchasing decisions. According to the survey, as many as 81% respondents declare that they pay attention to the energy class of new appliances when buying them, and more than half of the respondents are willing to pay more for products if they have a less harmful effect on the environment.

Energy costs and green investments

More than half of the respondents (54%) believe that an increase in electricity prices is inevitable because we need to get more energy from more environmentally friendly sources. 46% of those surveyed admitted that they could pay more if the resulting funds were invested in green energy.

Magda Smokowska, advisor at the Polish Electricity Association:

IBRiS survey results show that Poles see the effects of investing in ecological solutions. The respondents also have a very responsible approach to caring for the natural environment. This translates into specific purchase decisions and choices made by consumers.

In an effort to raise awareness about electricity and how to save it, the Polish Electricity Association has launched a website www.liczysieenergia.plThe website shows the factors that have the greatest influence on energy prices. The site also shows ways to reduce electricity consumption and bills.

A nationwide survey commissioned by the Polish Electricity Committee was carried out by the Institute for Market and Social Research prior to Russia's invasion of Ukraine, on 3-5 January 2022 on a sample of 1,000 respondents.