Can your electricity bill be lower? - launched

Polish Electricity Association has launched an educational campaign "Energy counts". Over the next few months, it will explain the reasons for rising energy prices, show the mechanisms that influence them, and present ways to manage electricity consumption rationally. The aim of the campaign is to educate about the energy market and ways of mitigating the impact rising electricity prices on the domestic budgets of Poles.

In December, the President of the Energy Regulatory Office approved electricity tariffs for 2022 for households introducing increases of approximately 24%. Price hikes for electricity and other energy carriers are a common phenomenon across Europe as a consequence of climate policy and economic recovery, which has increased demand for energy. The rising costs of producing energy quickly prompted many countries to implement mechanisms to mitigate the increase in bills. The Polish government, as part of its shield measures for energy consumers, decided to temporarily waive excise duty and reduce VAT to 5%. Thanks to the so-called "anti-inflation shield", price changes will be less noticeable on electricity bills in the first months of 2022 - an average household will pay only about PLN 6 more per month than last year.

As experts of the Polish Electricity Association point out, the tariff increases approved by the Energy Regulatory Office in Poland were inevitable, just as in other countries. As a consequence of rapid market changes, it is particularly important to change the habits of energy consumers and turn to more rational management of consumed electricity. According to experts, increased awareness of energy consumers and changes in habits can reduce household electricity consumption by as much as 20% without significantly affecting comfort of living. The aim of the "Energy counts" campaign is education enabling rational reduction of energy consumption and consequently limiting the amount of bills.

The central element of the campaign is the website www.LiczySieEnergia.plThe "Questions and Answers" section provides advice on practical ways to save energy in the household, as well as up-to-date information on developments in the energy market and factors affecting the final price of electricity. The "Questions and answers" section provides explanations covering issues and doubts most frequently raised by consumers.

The launch of the website is accompanied by an educational campaign to make Poles aware of how, through simple measures, they can reduce their electricity consumption and consequently the amount of their electricity bill and its impact on their household budget.

The Polish Electricity Association (Polski Komitet Energii Elektrycznej) is an association of the power sector, whose activities focus on issues related to the functioning of the sector in a modern market economy. It engages in activities and projects thanks to which the Polish power sector can better respond to the challenges related to European integration, ensure security of electricity supply, competitive market, environmental protection and development of modern technologies.