Why add reducing energy consumption to your list of resolutions at the start of the year?

The first quarter of a new year is usually a time when many people set themselves various goals and resolutions. For the sake of wellbeing and finances, it is also worth adding a resolution to save energy in our homes to the list. Why? Here are some important reasons.

Reason 1: Real savings on electricity bills

Saving energy can bring significant financial benefits to our household budgets. Every kilowatt hour of energy we manage to save translates into a lower electricity bill. It is worth remembering that electricity costs can make up a significant proportion of our monthly expenses. Therefore, even small changes, such as using the energy-saving mode when doing the laundry, can contribute to lowering the bill. Avoiding opening the fridge when not needed, using energy-efficient LED light bulbs are also actions that reduce energy consumption, result in lower bills and, what is particularly important this year: they can help you fit into the energy limit at a reduced price. The cover measures have been extended into the first half of 2024, so there is still time to take advantage of preferential electricity rates.

Reason 2: Simple and easy to implement changes

Making energy-saving changes does not have to be difficult or expensive. Often they are simple habits that we can implement immediately in our daily lives. One example is washing only when the washing machine is full. This way... we wash less often. So we save water as well as electricity. It is also a good idea to make sensible use of the electrical appliances that provide the right temperature in our home - both heaters and air conditioning. Setting the right temperatures and regular maintenance of these devices are simple steps that help to reduce energy costs.

With the help of a few simple solutions, it is possible to reduce electricity consumption in the home, sometimes even by several tens of per cent. What is more, efficient use of electrical appliances can make it considerably easier to fit within the energy price limits provided for by the shielding measures currently in force. Advice on how to use electricity rationally can be found on the website of the Polish Electricity Committee at www.LiczySieEnergia.pl." - says Maciej Maciejowski from the Polish Electricity Committee.

Reason 3: Environmental impact

Saving energy has a huge impact on our environment. Less energy consumption means fewer greenhouse gas emissions, which contribute to climate change. By acting green, we are helping to reduce the negative effects of global warming, which translates into better living conditions for our future generations. By saving energy, we are ensuring cleaner air, less waste associated with energy production and protecting the diversity of ecosystems.

Reason 4: The strength of the Polish economy

The costs of sheltering measures to ensure acceptable electricity prices for households and other eligible consumers, but also the costs of the energy transition are paid by all of us - through the state budget and the expenses of energy companies. At the same time, the lower the price of energy, the lower the burden on our household budgets and the greater the competitiveness of Polish companies on the international market.

Electricity consumption in the economy is increasing, which is a positive development - the electrification of transport, production and heating saves money and protects the environment. At the same time, however, the costs of investment in new sources of generation are also rising. So the less electricity we use in our homes, the less - indirectly - we will pay for investment in new RES and the cheaper energy we will have. Admittedly, our household savings on an economy-wide scale are not much, but it is worth starting somewhere.

Reason 5: Increasing energy awareness

By implementing energy-saving changes, we become more aware of what appliances and habits affect our energy consumption. Deeper energy awareness allows us to take more advanced steps towards saving energy. We can monitor the amount of electricity we use thanks to smart meters or apps that help us track our consumption. This allows us to make more informed choices, such as investing in more efficient appliances or conducting an energy audit of our home to identify areas where we can still save.

In summary, adding an energy-saving resolution to our list of goals at the beginning of the year has many benefits. It's a simple change that delivers real savings, has an environmental impact and increases our energy awareness. Saving energy is a choice that benefits both us and the planet.