The Power Summit highlights

Discussing the matters relating to the future of the European energy sector was the main objective of the Power Summit organised by Eurelectric. The meeting, attended by the European Union officials, think tanks and the representatives of the European energy sector companies took place 25-28 of May 2021. Over the 4 days Power Summit had 8,500 visitors coming from 58 countries. The event was powered by the Polish Electricity Association (PKEE).

Sector integration - synergies on the horizon

Undersecretary of State in Ministry of Climate and Environment Adam Guibourgé-Czetwertyński began Power Summit plenary on sector integration by laying out the opportunities and challenges of sector integration in very clear terms - There is great potential for electrification to reduce emissions in several sectors but we need to ensure that energy is cheap to avoid energy poverty or affecting competitiveness – he said. Integrating energy sectors is no longer a political question but a reality. In fact, energy system integration was illustrated by all participants through several ongoing projects across Europe.

Specifically, sector integration is first and foremost about the maximisation of the decarbonisation potential of every sector of the economy, driven above all by increasing the share of renewable-based energy. Speakers underlined that no sector should expect any special favours; emitting CO2 will not be an option and all sectors will need to speed up their decarbonisation transformation.

Integrating the sectors also means fostering synergies, both technical and economic. Already, clear and simple synergies exist; electric vehicles will not just be goods but also services, improving air quality and enabling grid flexibility, meanwhile, there are already 14.8 million heat pumps in Europe contributing to reductions in building emissions and consumer energy bills. As the debate participants pointed out, the upcoming Fit-for 55 Package should translate this ambition into a solid regulatory framework, unlocking the benefits beyond silos.

The experiences of the Polish energy sector were presented in the debate by Paweł Strączyński, President of TAURON and Member of the Management Board of the PKEE.

Offshore – the new frontier

During the last day of the Power Summit, Eurelectric brought together leading policymakers, senior business executives, European Associations and high-level thought leaders for a private informal discussion on offshore. The meeting was aimed at covering the EU ambitions in this area and the main barriers to their achievement. The debate was held under the Chatham House rule to encourage an uninhibited and lively exchange.

During the discussion, the point of view of the Polish energy sector was represented by Paweł Cioch, Vice President of PGE and Member of the Management Board of the PKEE.

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