Towards a pan-European energy market

Soon the borders between the national electricity systems in the EU will disappear. Cross-border exchanges of electricity between neighbouring countries will intensify, which will lead to a levelling out of prices in the respective markets.

This is a result of the so-called network codes, i.e. eight regulations of the European Commission, which come into force at the beginning of the next decade. They will largely determine the future shape of the energy market in Poland and other European Union countries.

The aim is to harmonise the rules for the flow and trading of energy between systems both in long-term contracts and in the spot (day ahead and intraday) and balancing markets.

Today we are at the stage of implementation of the codes. Although the main principles have already been established, there is still some room for discussion on the methods of their implementation.Here, our producers associated in the Polish Electricity Association see an active role for themselves.Network codes can take the form of codes or guidelines, which are implemented without the need to implement changes in national law. Guidelines, however, only create a framework and room for discussion with market participants about how they should -explained Michał Smyk, presenting the PKEE report "Market-based Grid Codes on the Path to a Pan-European Energy Market".. It focuses on those codes that will have the biggest impact on energy prices for consumers. According to PKEE experts, the priority in implementing new rules should be increasing safety and competitiveness rather than profits of particular market participants.